Home Position not consistent

Is there a way to stop the carriage going to the home position after a cut is finished? Im getting an error so would like to stop the laser resetting the zero between cuts.

If you’re running gcode, just remove the code that returns it home.

Blake’s suggestion would work if you were using anything but the Emblaser 2. Darkly Labs wanted the return to home enforced, I’m afraid.

If you run the job using ‘Current Position’ mode it will return to the starting point of the job, but that’s the only mode that works that way for the Emblaser 2.

They hard code a return to home after every program?

Return to X0 Y300, Z-up, yes.

Is there a way to see the position of the head “live”. eg on cnc machine you can see the x, y ,z coordinates on the screen from either the absolute position or the work offset (g54) position? As you have said this is for an Emblaser 2.

Not live, no, but ‘Show Last Position’ will update after any jog move, or if you click the ‘Get Positions’ button.

We don’t do it live because then people would watch the screen instead of the laser when a job is running.

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