Home position override ability?

Is there a way to have the laser head not return home at the end of an engrave? When the engrave finishes, I want the laser head to just stop and stay right where it is until I remove the piece and then I will home at myself. Thanks!

Just wondering if anyone has an answer to this…

I have no idea how to accomplish with these pictures are showing me. Would there happen to be a YouTube video or perhaps some instructions somewhere on doing this?

I did just locate a post from 2019 that says the set finish position feature is only for G-Code controllers, not Ruida, which is what I have. Can anyone tell me if anything regarding that has changed since 2019?

Edit > Machine settings

Under “Miscellaneous”, Ruida lets you set the return position.
3 choices: Origin, Absolute Origin, No Return

Hank is showing the correct answer here - for Ruida, those are the choices you have.

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