Home Settings Always 2.99

No matter how I home the machine when I go to lightburn get the position it returns:
X 2.99 and y 2.99.

Should it not return x 0.00 and y 0.00?
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This is laser dependent and not necessarily a problem.

This is likely caused by the homing pull-off setting ($27) in the laser controller. This is meant to provide a certain distance from the homing switches after homing as to ensure that the switches aren’t perpetually engaged.

Is this posing a problem for you?

The only problem is that I could not figure out why it was happening. Pull off makes sense. The video I was using probably did not take homing switch pull off onto account.

Just for the heck of it. Is there a way for my to select/adjust the setting?

You can change the pull-off distance by configuring the value for $27 in Edit->Machine Settings or by changing the value in Console.

Part of what’s machine dependent is whether or not the 0,0 point is set before or after completion of pull-off. Some machines do have coordinates at 0,0 after pull-off is accounted for. Others have 0,0 at pre-pull off location.

As the others mentioned, you can adjust the pull-off. Though, this setting makes sense, since it clears the switches. If you want to get a true 0,0 position after pull-off, you could either

  • install a firmware that does that (if that exists for your model) :slight_smile:
  • set a workspace offset for the coordinate system. It depends how annoying this is for you, since 3mm are not that much :slight_smile:

I have a pre-pull off machine.
Setting workspace coordinates works for mr.

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

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