Home the laser after done all the steps

When the current NC file is imported to GRBL, the report I get is BAD NUMBER FORMAT on every line and the config update fails. Any help?

What are you talking about? The headline of your topic does not fit the text your are writing.

What do you want to do? Home the laser or run a gcode file?

It sounds like you want to import a configuration file, but where did you get that and for what mainboard and which laser?

Youtube. I got the information from Longer Ray 5 Limit Switch installation from their site. Now my engraver doesn’t want to move when I start a project. it will move in the move command window but it won’t fire and do its job like its supposed to.


Is this a new setup?

This looks like the limit switches need to be inverted. Take a look here:

(a more elaborate description can be found here: Limit Switches - Diode Laser Wiki)

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