Homeless Y Axis

Some thing in my settings has changed. After using rotary attachment in RDWORKS, I going to User settings and disable rotary. I open my original settings and write to controller. Turn off laser, disconnect Y axis to rotary and connect laser Y axis cable. Turn on laser and X axis goes to home then moves approximately 3 mm like normal. My Y axis doesn’t go home at all. I have to move y axis manually with arrow button. Set Origin and run job. When job is done, X and Y retuns to Origin position. Do you have a fix for this? I really don’t like RDWORKS and I love LightBurn.
This may not be an issue that LightBurn can guide me to correct but maybe someone in the group can.
Also if I could get my 4 wheel rotary attachment to work in LightBurn, I’d Never go back to REWORKS.
Thank you LightBurn for all the hard work you put in to make a great software.
PS 50w CO2 China with Ruida controller