Homing and Get Position not accurate

Let me start by saying I’m new to this. Second I have an X-tool D1 PRO. I had no problem prior to adding my extenders. I added extenders and when homing the laser would stop half way, I would hit home again and it would go to the end. However, when I would get position the information was accurate. I worked like this for a while as hitting the homing button was not an issue for me as long as the “get position” was accurate. Recently 2 days ago, I do not get an accurate position. It tells me a position but when I use those coordinates to " move to position" its not even close to the location it was. Every time I home I make sure I get position and it resent to x:0 and Y :0, event then it is not working. The coordinates do not match the location provided. PLEASE HELP

The xTool D1 Pro should home on startup.

There is a machine setting to change the Y-axis length for the extension.

In the Console window in LightBurn Please type the following:
then press enter.

Please tell us what the current value is for $131

In the Console Window in LightBurn please type:
then press enter.

Repeat the $$ command to make certain that the $131 matches your Y axis length.

Click Edit,
Click Device Settings,
Please confirm that the work area in the Top Left corner of the Device Settings window matches your work area.

Let us know if this addresses the unwanted behavior fully.

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