Homing and machine origin

G’day all,
Sorry if this has been covered but I can’t seem to find anything that helps.
My machine is a 3.5w diode laser(Chinese) and I’m running grbl 1.1h.
My issue is when I home my machine it zeros out the machine as I would expect but then when I move away from the home position and then try and go back to zero ie g0 x0y0 it always takes me to x20 y10. Is there a built in machine offset I’m missing that I can change?
I can work around this but I’d rather not. I use start from absolute coordinates and When I put a fixture on the machine and measure the position from my zero point I have to offset the job in light burn by x-20 y-10.
Any help would be great.

This is still bothering me, Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem on my ortur laser master 2. I’ve been using lightburn for some time now and all has been working great. Recently I Lightburn had and latest version that was installed and now homing is okay but my origin point is off on x and y. X is off by 60mm and Y is off by 60mm. Not sure how to correct this.

Does your laser use grbl? It would be nice to know if it is a hardware problem or software problem

Yes uses grbl, Ortur master 2 engraver.

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