Homing and origin issue

I have a somewhat annoying issue. Recently I’ve got my chinese 60w Co2 laser with Ruida 6445G controller.
Homing position is in the rear right corner. Here the x and y axes get set to zero. Everything works as it should be. But the zero/zero point is in the rear right corner and I would like to have it in the left front corner. Is there a way to adjust the values for the homing procedure to x=600 and y=400? Or is there something that I’m missing?
Thanks for any help.

Move the head where you want it and press ‘origin’ that will set a origin point. When you boot, it will home then go to the origin.

The Ruida homes at 0, 0 if the LmtX- and LmtY- limit switches are used. It’s max, max for the + variation connection.

When you created the ‘device’ where did you set home? Hopefully where it homes…

I set the origin, and in the Laser window set ‘start from’ to ‘user origin’ and ‘job origin’ to where ever you wish it to start. Don’t make it more complicated that it is… :slight_smile:

Good luck have fun :slight_smile:

When you created the ‘device’ where did you set home? Hopefully where it homes…

Yes I did set home on the correct position. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its only that I would like to have the zero,zero point in the front left corner, because I’m used to this as a CNC programmer/operator.
Now I have to think reverse. Normaly when I have an object in the center of my bed (for example x=300 and y=200) and I want to move it to the right, I have to decrease the x value instead of increasing it. Its just a bit not logical to me. That’s all.

I think in the end it boils down to the coordinate system used by the controller.

Any software that controls the Ruida, Lightburn has to know how the Ruida is configured to some extent to know how to deal with it’s coordinate system.

Lightburn has green and red indicators on the screen to help with orientation. Sometimes we have to change. Most biological creatures do not like change, even when in the end it’s usually better :slight_smile:

Maybe you just grew up backwards lol… Most graphs have the X axes increasing as it moves right, not decreasing, as you would ‘program’ it :slight_smile:

I find most issues are are coordinate problems. However I’m sure there are ways to flip this stuff around and get the proper results. I’ve always tried to set it up so the software to the machine was straight forward. If someone has to help you fix it, it’s difficult to explain, and follow when you flip the system around.

IMHO, get it to work properly then hose around with trying to persuade it to change it’s home address. :slight_smile:

Best of luck… Hang in there :smiley_cat:

“Maybe you just grew up backwards lol…” :joy::joy: who knows.
I think I just have to handle ot as it is. :wink:
Thank you anyway.

John, in a short time it won’t matter to you… Trust me, why would I lie?

Take care :slight_smile:

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