Homing and Origin not working on my Yora Home 6060 Silverback

i am running a Yora Home 6060 cnc machine with a laser from them. I have been using this machine for a month or so now. My issue now is…It all of a sudden went to the back right of my working space and wont move anywhere else. It will bump back and hit the limit switch if i try to move it in any directioon…thats it.

I have a 609 mm working space, running windows 11, GRBL, Yora Laser Module 3.5 watt laser,

I’m not sure if your engraver is disoriented or not recognizing home.

Open the Console window and see if there is a message about the homing operation being successful.

Type the Following into the Console window:
then press enter.
Copy and paste that report into a reply here.
This should show us if a work-offset has been applied.

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