Homing hitting front left corner hard

Crazy! I have used my LU2-1 laser module without a problem and thinking of going back to it. My son bought me a new one LU2-4-SF because my older one I’m afraid I may have worn it out-not as strong as it used to be. I work on a MAC and using your original Lightburn software. My module is on an Ortur Master 2. How do I reset my homing issue? Make it simple to understand, not very technical here.

As you have changed the laser module, It may be that the new module is slightly a different size and hitting the frame before the limit switches. Push the module by hand and check that it reaches and activates both switches before hitting the gantry

So looks like its not touching the switch in left front corner so should I add an extension onto switch?

Maybe set it to work from middle?

Maybe post some pics?

Loosen the belt tension screw, move the limit switch forward until all is good, tighten the belt and then tighten the screw

Fantastic! All I did was move the stop toward the back about 1/4" on left side. It was enough to make it home like a pro and I was able to burn in balsa wood a 4" airplane and then cut it out. Still have to adjust my burns for a stronger module.

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Glad you got it sorted :+1:

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