Homing issue for newbie user

I’ve searched the homing questions and didn’t really find information pretaining to my situation. 100w AP laser ruida controller 40x 24 bed. This stared a couple weeks ago. To my knowledge I did not change anything. When I turn my laser on, the head used to go to home, beep then go to my last user origin. Now upon start up the head does not move waits a small time then beeps. Is almost like it’s picking home where ever the machine was turned off at. When I set up a job I move the head with arrow keys to where I want to start. Send job to laser using current position settings… I press Orin on key pad then frame the job. Then I run job. When finished the head returns to where machine was turn on at. If I press frame on key pad it will go back to where I set origin then frame. Time consuming to duplicate jobs. I hope this makes sense and hope someone can help. Frustration factor is up but not off the chart. Thanks

This sounds like either homing has been turned off, or the homing switches are malfunctioning and always firing, fooling the machine into thinking it’s homed the moment you turn it on.

Check the wiring for the homing switches, as often these are “normally closed” so if there’s a problem you find out immediately instead of when you try to use them. It might be as simple as a loose wire or plug at the controller.

What kind of homing switches are used on your machine? If they’re small orange cubes they’re inductive, they could be optical (look like small black U shapes that something passes between), or just small lever switches. The first two require power, and a loose power wire would cause failure too.