Homing issue - x and y axis off?

Hello Everyone,
I have a strange issue that popped up. My AtomStack s10 pro was working fine but now it is off.

When homing it continues to hit the sides (x and Y axis), plus the Job origin is flipped. I have the origin set at bottom left but now machine see’s it at top right. I have checked to see if the x/y axis are flipped but they are not.

I have reset the machine, removed the machine and reinstalled the machine

Here is the error I am getting.

Homing fail. Could not find limit switch within search distance. Defined as 1.5 * max_travel on search and 5 * pulloff on locate phases.


Grbl 1.1 [‘$’ for help]

[MSG:Check limits]

[MSG:‘$H’|‘$X’ to unlock]

[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]


Can someone help? Funny thing is ~ it was working great then came back the next morning to this. I appreciate any help anyone can give me. Please keep in mind I am a newbie!

Thank you everyone.

Please upload a screenshot of your entire Lightburn screen as well as a screenshot of the device settings panel. That will give us a better shot at being able to help you.

Thank you for your help.

I don’t see anything obvious there. When you turn the machine on does it attempt to home to the bottom left or somewhere else?

It attempts to go to the bottom left corner for home but it just hits the sides for a good amount of time.

Before when your laser homes do you hear a beep?
If so when you press the limit switches by hand do you hear the beep?

OK, it sounds like your limit switches may have an issue. Possibly one got knocked out of position. With the laser off move it to the bottom left corner and see if it engages both limit switches. Make sure the wires didn’t come off a switch either.

If they appear to be in the proper position one may be faulty. If you have an ohmmeter and know how to use it you can test them.

To temporarily get back to a usable machine try this. In Lightburn turn of auto home on startup. That will be in Device Settings. Place the laser in the lower left corner, then turn on the laser. With auto home disabled it should read the position when turned on as your 0,0 point. Try your project.


In your laser window, you set starting position to user origin. Better set it to current position or absolute coordinates. If you didn’t set the user origin correctly, this might be anywhere.

Here is a short guide on how to check the limit switches function:

(full documentation here: Limit Switches - Diode Laser Wiki)

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