Homing issues using ver. 0.9.24


After a bit of a layoff, I am working with my Laser again. Lightburn updated to ver. 0.9.24, this is where I am now running into issues. Specifically with homing and setting X & Y dimensions. I have increased the work are of the laser and while I can get the system to recognize 220mm for the Y-Axis, it seems that there is a limit to the length of the X-Axis. Now for the real issue, the laser homes to whatever it seems to want. I thought I had it corrected after much turning on and off of both the laser and Lightburn software, but it doesn’t seem to hold the setting. I can use the “Position Laser” command and move the laser hear to almost any spot on the work area (yes limited X-Axis range), but upon (now) using the “Home” command it move just a little bit and then stops. I will not say I am my wits end here, it is that if there is anybody out there who might be able to help, it would greatly shorten the time (using hit and miss) it would take me to get this part of the “rebuild” taken care of, if you need any further information, I will gladly provide what I can. Thank you in advance

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