Homing issues with my omt 60w

hello i recently upgraded from my k40 to a orion motor tech 60w and when i start up the machine im guessing it loads up factory setting and from its home it slowly moves left then rapidly to almost the middle of my bed so when i press home it will not rehome instead i have to jog it all the way to the left and grind on the motors until it stops then it will be able to travel the distance home … this is not normal and any help would be great thanks in advance and i hope this makes sense

Check your homing switches.

on the machine itself ?

Yes, if it ever grinds at the end of a movement, either your limit switches are defective so it doesn’t know where home and the edges of the bed are, or the switches are working an you haven’t calibrated your axis properly.

You have a faulty machine. Give Orion a shout. They’re meant to be pretty responsive.

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