Homing of machine

Hi I have bought a chinazone 1060 machine. Big mistake, I have ordered new rails ect.
However the machine home position is top right. When I re build it if I put the microswitch top left how can I change the light burn software or machine to home top left. And is this possible to do?

I have seen the Ruida used in machines, homing in all corners. I have little doubt that it can be done.

A couple of people have done this and it’s been a very frustrating experience for them and those attempting assist.

My only suggestion is to start where you know it will fail, the X axes will go the wrong direction. Fix that and see what comes up next…

Is there a reason you change the home position?

Good luck…


I have alway used top left on my drawings as a start point and also top left is the shortest the laser has to travel. (Max power). At the moment because it homes top right I then have to traverse left to my start point.
Overall it is just a preference thing​:joy::joy:

That’s fine. When you get it to work, I’d like to know what you had to change. I’ve had a couple people here do it, but it wasn’t overnight…

Generally what I’ve found, is that they get the machine to home at it’s new location, but internally it thinks it’s still operating in the ‘other’ or original quadrant… That causes a list of issues…

You might have to just sit down with the manual and work out what it’s doing…

Good luck


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