Homing/origin position is off

I have a newly converted machine running a Cohesion Laserboard that does not seem to be homing correctly. The laser homes off the limit switches appropriately, but when told to “move to origin”, the machine only travels 200mm on the Y-axis despite the bed being 275mm deep (and set as such in the device config). I have tried “clear origin”, and when the machine homes and I “get position” is reports X=0 and Y=200. X is correct, but Y should be 275.
Any help is appreciated.

There is lots of guidance on the C3D Forum and a Knowledgebase article specifically about this. Please consult the article, and if you have any further questions, post to the C3D forum so Pete or I can help you.

Setting the device size in LightBurn has no effect on the machine - it’s just telling LightBurn how big the laser is so that coordinates can be checked for boundaries. You will need to change the config file on the SD card to reflect the actual machine size.

This should help:

Thank you! That solved it. I dug through the config looking for origin/home/limit… Turned out the word I was looking for was “endstops”!

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