Horizontal bonding lines every 25.17mm

Having consistent horizontal lines every 25.17mm on any engraving. Checked all rollers and belts all aregood. Speed set at 2500 with 35% power. So settings are much more on a conservative settings. I had this issue on my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro SF

Do you have your scan interval set to 0.1mm ?

My laser module has a .08 beam focus so it was set to .08 @ 317.5 DPI. Also this happens only when I started to engrave a large scale image. It didn’t show on a 5”x7” engraving.

What are the size of the wheels on your laser? I suspect the interval distance that you measured is either half or the full wheel circumference.

If so, it may be possible that there’s an irregularity in the wheels causing binding at regular intervals. Either a wobble or bulge in the wheels. Check for wheel irregularity and replace if necessary. It may also be that your wheels are gripping too tightly so check eccentric nuts in that case.

If everything is good with the wheels it’s possible a different line interval distance might reduce the appearance of these lines.

The OD of the wheels are 23.9mm. And the machine only had 1 stepper motor for the Y-axis. So if the binding was on a certain side, it show right away that those wheels on the side have binding issue. But the problem was the horizontal lines appeared on the whole length of the X-axis. And they’re consistent.

The 2 sides of the Y-axis are locked together with the drive shaft. So binding on one side would affect the motion of the entire Axis. You can test this… try moving the Y-axis by and hold only one side of it. The entire gantry will stop, not just one side.

In that case it would affect the entire horizontal line.

23.9 mm OD would be 75.08 mm circumference. 75.08 / 25.17 = ~2.98. So in this case the interval would have to occur 3 times per revolution of the wheel. That seems less like a wheel geometry problem in that case and maybe just general binding.

Did you check for this?

I did. As well as I’ve checked if there’s any debris or dirt on the wheels. They’re all clean. But I will try to loosen all eccentrics and re-tighten them back again to see if there’s any progress.

The regularity of the band makes it feel like something mechanical. Not sure what it could be otherwise.

You might be able to obscure some of the banding by defocusing a bit. That has its own drawbacks of course.