Horizontal Shifts

C3D, Lightburn
Speed 150-250mm
I keep getting horizontal image shifts. Not always, about half the time. They are not always at the same spot on the image or location on the bed. Not sure if it’s a hardware or software issue at this point. Here’s the things I think I’ve eliminated as an issue.
Belts were a bit loose, tightened them. Cleaned RH pulley.
Inspected the belts, no damage or heavy wear.
Cleaned the carriage wheels.
Reduced acceleration from 3000 down to 2000.
Motor pulley is press fit, no set screw to come loose.
Suggestions are welcome

If you are not using the new Cluster version of the C3D firmware, this is likely the issue. Smoothieware has a maximum throughput of about 800 gcode instructions per second. 254 DPI at 80mm/sec hits that limit, so going faster can cause the controller to skip.

If you download the Cluster firmware from C3D’s forum, and enable the Smoothieware clustering option in Edit > Device Settings, that should solve it. (It’s possible you already have that firmware, if it’s a LaserBoard bought within the last couple months, in which case you’d just need to enable the toggle in LightBurn)

That seems to have fixed it.
2/hour long test burns with no flaws.
Thanks again Oz!!!

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