Hotkey for Camera Control - Update Overlay

Hi, would it be possible to Hotkey the camera button “Update Overlay” to a certain keycombo? I have the laser where I can see my LightBurn software, but when I move stuff on the bed (for instance I use weights to hold down materials to the bed), I have to go to my computer to click update overlay, possible go back to the laser to move the weights and repeat this process.

If I could assign a button command to update the overlay, I could move the weights on the laser, click a button near my laser and see the overlay update on my screen further away.

Thank you!

It should be easy enough to do. I’ll have to find one that’s unused. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you for a swift reply :slight_smile: My brother is making me a bluetooth button that I can mount near the laser so by clicking it I can update the overlay once it has a hotkey.

So, apparently there already is a hotkey: Alt+C

You are so awesome @LightBurn you even surprise yourself! :sunglasses: :clap:


Oh wow, awesome! Can’t test this though since just today my camera broke for some reason :frowning: Have to get a new one to test this out!

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