How big of a camera is possible? 64MP?

I have a 1.6m x 1m bed and more resolution always helps with the bed camera.

My 16MP Arducam was great in that regard, but it “died”- still registers as a camera, but picture is all black.

So, I saw this 64MP one. I have a Raspberry Pi so I could use that on wifi.

I’m a bit in the dark about how to do lenses. With the 16MP, I came to understand how important it was to use a varifocal lens to adjust the zoom so as many pixels were on the bed as possible. I don’t know how to match a varifocal to this, esp with a very large imager.

Anyhow, is a 64MP image going to break anything in LB?

bump. I have no idea, but I’m intrigued by the question. In my case, not for the size of the bed but for the potential for much finer resolution and positioning. Hoping you’ll get some good replies before the topic gets closed!

Reviews of that specific camera on Amazon seem pretty bad, but…

I’m trying but so far the Raspberry Pi 4 Bullseye image isn’t booting. Got a splash screen then monitor says no HDMI signal.

Put the SD card in another Pi, got the same result. Did slow format on the card again, returned the image and it verified, but still no boot?

I was using the 16mp arducam, which was great, but it appears to have died. It still comes up in LB and Windows Camera viewer without error, but the screen is all black.

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