HOw can I get bidirectional line cutting?

I’ve got a series of vertical llines close together (21 lines, each around 30" tall, spaced .010 apart).
I want the deck to cut these in either direction of travel (going up or down), but it seems to be willing to only cut while going ‘up’…
how do I fix this?
there is no “bidirectional” option for lines…

Turn on,

Reduce Travel Moves:email:

This will have the cut planner try to order the cuts in a way that it will choose objects beside each other to try and reduce non cutting travel moves.

this has exactly the opposite effect of what is needed.
i’m trying to get the unit to cut IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, not to simply cut adjacent items.

Try,2 Passes.

I get alternating directions using the same settings as what @Jimcoy has. Note that this is on BETA 1.2.02 which has had some optimization changes so not sure if it’s unique to this version.


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For info, alternating directions as shown above works with 1.2.01

The big issue is that i have groups of these inline… so a group of 10 will be inline with another 10, say 3" below that… trying to get it to run an entire row has been a pain…
i’ve solved it by making the cuts by priority… pain in the rear, but it works…

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