How can I move gantry motor

On ortur LM2 ,Any Ideas on how to move gantry motor to the side of gantry like LM2 PRO
The loss of gantry weight would make a major difference in quality and speed !
Dont feel like spending $450 .for a new laser !

Even on the PRO version and almost everything else you drag the X motor along the Y carriage. How would the mass change?

The pictures I looked at were not clear can’t see the Y motor on your model. But it’s a major change in configuration. I think you’d be building a new machine.

If it was even a bit unfeasible, there would probably be a ton of videos on it. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

There is a good video explaining the difference between the LM2 & the Pro:

The Pro is more rigid due to the steel vs plastic frame parts so this helps the speed, but moving the X motor must have helped some. The firmware, for the original, however, will not allow you to set the speed higher according to the video so not sure if you’d be able to capitalize on the improvement.
Can the X motor be moved? Probably. Will you get any benefit? From what I saw in this video, probably not.
I hope this helps…

I think Tom pretty much called it. It’s such a similar machine you might find out if you can replace the Y gantry with the upgrade. Probably the cost of a new one… :slight_smile:

Thanks Just wondering not worth $450 to me ., Ortur is good stuff , Just underpowered ! ! I use the frame and motherboard only , neje 30 w laser ,Drag chain , new wheels on gantry , better stepper motors , adjustable belts , Adjustable Z axis , DIY lego heighth adjuster for rotary
Its the Ortur frankenlaser ! Runs damn good !

I had a little CNC3018 and found a video on how to tune it up. Got it running like mad. Run a couple jobs, had to bolt it down. Then every time I was going to use it, I had to go over it for all the hardware that came lose on the previous run. Basically was destroying itself.

I ended up resetting most of it back to the factory specifications. Learned a lot, sometimes faster isn’t better or worth it… When I broke something, it was faster :frowning:

Good luck, take care :slight_smile:

I guess you are right , I just like to tinker a bit , Like building a go cart , speed is not always the deciding factor .
How do i put a pic on this site ? New Here !

You can post a link to a google drive image, using the link on the toolbar.
When you get authorized, you can just drag and drop the image into the editor window. Of course I’d try that first…

I don’t know if Lightburn had a hand in this website but it’s excellent, just like Lightburn. I’ve used tons of commercial software, but Lightburn just keeps amazing me. Especailly how they have gone out of their way to support some obscure laser device. It’s much like a drug addiction :slight_smile:


Jack is correct, and I just checked. You should be able to drag and drop, cut and paste, or use the Upload button, while in edit mode, to place your images inline with your post. :slight_smile:

Hi Hitman, I have a Ortur LM2 Pro S2. I have extend the work bed to 170cm x 160cm and the orginal stepper motors is too slow (due to added materials). I would like to upgrade the stepper motor but I don’t know what choose without risk to burn the motherboard. What are you using ? What is the rated current ?
Thanks for your help

They stuff v8’s in motorcycles. Significant change in the power/weight ratio…


Exact :grin:

It works well for cutting at 1300mm/s but is a bit slow when placing

Wow, that’s an absolutely massive extended bed. Very curious about some of the modifications.

What are the 2 hoses leading to the laser module? I assume related to air assist. Is one for intake and the other for exhaust?

Is the flange base of the laser module for eye protection or possibly to contain exhaust fumes?

What is the purpose of the ribbed pipe attached to the gantry?

What are you using the digital display for?

The 2 hoses leading to the laser module is only for aspiration. They are placed around the laser point. This is not impossible than I change for your solution (aspiration/exhaust) if it’s not enough.

The base of laser is exactly for contain gaz and protect the eyes. I use the hole to aim the laser if necessary and seal it for now with black tape.

The grey pipe is connected to a vacuum with active carbon filter. I think to replace it by another system, less noisy :slight_smile:

I use the test module Neje because is more stable than the other provided and the temperature fonction is good.

This my first laser and I just come to make it. I need it to cut polyester fabric. She’s designed with two other Y axis of 2,6 meters. It is an assembly of things that I have seen on professional machines, on forums or that I have designed. It’s not perfect but that works :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the picture… love the diy stuff.