How do I create an unengraved shape within an engraved shape?

I am trying to create a circle within a circle. The outside circle is to be engraved (or shaded) and the circle within this shaded shape is to be unengraved or unshaded. Any hepl would be appreciated.

You can make a small offset of your inner circle and assign this ring a new layer. The outermost is fill the innermost line type.

Thanks for the responses. Please see in the attached .jpg I’m trying to get the lower circle unengraved whilst within the larger shape. I’ve assigned the lower circle as a ‘line’ shape - unfortunately it disappears within the larger shape.

Try turning the individual layers on and off to see the effect, if that’s not what you mean you just come again.
Ian1.lbrn (59.9 KB)

Make it red. All shapes on a single fill layer define what gets filled by that layer. No other layers are used when deciding what happens to this layer - they’re completely independent of each other, so what Bernd suggests is good - if you hide all other layers, you’ll see what the current layer will do.

I have made the following two examples and attached the LightBurn file.

YinYangs.lbrn (179.1 KB)

Thanks to everyone for your help! I’ll use and learn from the examples you’ve given me…and try and work out why my endeavour didn’t work!!

Thanks for them…just getting used to using LB…much appreciated.

you are welcome

Just looked at all the files and I think I’ve sorted it. Thanks so much to everyone for all your help!

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