How do I cut this

Hi, I am new to the laser industry and im trying to figure out how I can create a cutout of a city skyline from an svg file. I tried doing offset to make the outline but it just surrounds the entire cut. Any suggestions as to how I can get this final result from an svg that is a single line? Thank you

Can you show what the SVG looks like? If you were to draw a single line that followed the shape of what you have pictured here, offsetting it should give you that result.

It look like a single line and then the 2nd picture is what the offset does, but I don’t think that will give me the results in the cutout.

If you are looking to create skylines with the name of the city below, your first Lightburn picture is correct, and then you would add the name of the city below it. Select both and then weld. Kind of like the attached.

NEW_YORK.lbrn (133.3 KB)

No, im looking to get an actual cutout that is about 3-4mm thick like the first picture. Im sure it would be a very fragile piece but I plan to glue it onto another board.

The 2nd image you posted is correct, but it still has the original line in the middle of the offset. Just delete that and you’re left with the outline.

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Ah, ok I was trying to delete the bottom line and edit the nodes to connect which was a little time consuming and didn’t seem like the correct way. Your method is what i was looking for, i didnt think about deleting the original vector.
Thank you Oz