How do I enable pop-up tips?

I am using LightBurn on a Mac and can’t find any way to enable pop-up tips. When I mouse over an icon nothing happens. The F1 key will bring up the Help documents for that icon, but pop-up tips aren’t visible. How do I enable pop-up tips? Thanks

I don’t think there’s a way to even disable them. Are you waiting long enough for the pop-up to appear?

I have tried waiting for 30 seconds and longer, but nothing happens.

Well, I just updated LightBurn to the latest version and now pop-ups are working. Go figure.

Doubt it was the update changing anything fundamentally. But I have found that occasionally I can’t get a pop-up to appear… but some wiggling with the mouse and repositioning the pointer usually gets the job done.

Glad it worked for you. And 30 seconds is way too long. I was talking maybe 3-5 seconds.

Thanks for your input. While I previously got no pop-ups no matter how long I waited, I have now found that they can be temperamental as you suggested, and if I wait a few seconds they will start to appear.

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