How do I engrave how I see my image?

So I’ve just switched from RD works to Lightburn, which at this moment in time I’m regretting, massively.

I put my work piece in and it flips it backwards… If my work is on the top left corner, it’ll but upside down, the wrong way around in the bottoms right if my machines bed…

I have followed the instructions on the Lightburn YouTube channel

And nothing has changed.

There was a super simple “reverse X axis Mirror” setting in RD works that fixed this immediately but Lightburn seems to need a little more tech savviness…

Can anyone help? I really don’t want to waste anymore of my trial. Thanks

There is the same simple switch in LightBurn, in Edit > Device Settings, here:


For a Ruida controller, the origin point should be the same corner that your machine homes to on startup.

I have done this by following the instuction video I tagged. It’s not done anything

You’re saying that if you change the origin point, you see no change whatsoever on your screen or in the output to the machine?

If I change my origin point, the entire job I have loaded will flip. If you delete and re-import the artwork, then send it again, it should be correct.

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