How do i get my images centered on my item im engraving on

My hardest things to center is slate and things like this picture thats uploaded is there a video or help o can get to show me how to better ise my origin in light burn to match up to what im engraving on i waste to much product to get my center point

Most of us use some type of jig… I pitched the honeycomb and put in a sheet of rolled steel… I have holes in it at known places…

I cut the shape out at a specific location. In this case, it’s origin is 25, 25.

This is for 4" slate coasters…

This kind of setup ensures you’re at the right place… You do have to able to use something in the machine to locate jig…

Make sense?


Yup. Jigs.

With a couple of registration marks so it always goes back in the same place whenever you need it.

Just sayin’


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