How do i get the latest version of lightburn?

Hi How do I get the latest version of Lightburn?? and is there instructions on how to download it?? I purchased mine in October of last year and does it expire and I need to renew?? thanks.

Hi Susie - I’ll answer your questions in order:

  • To get the latest version of LightBurn, download from our Download / Trial page ( or use the Help > Check for Updates feature in the software. They both get you the same version, and you can safely install over the one you have.

  • The LightBurn license does expire, but as long as you have your key, you can use any version of the software released before your license expired. There was an issue with the license flow that caused a few problems, but the latest versions (0.9.05 and 0.9.06) clean this up, and will run for you even if your license has expired.

  • An expired license means you can keep using the software, but won’t be able to run newer versions of it, released after your license expired. If you’d like to keep getting updates, you can renew here:

thank you. I think I did it correctly. how do I know if my computer is windows 64 bit or 32?? I clicked on windows 64 and I think it downloaded it. Is there you tube videos on some of the new stuff like how to write font in a circle??

oh great. now that I downloaded this new version every time I open it its completely shutting down the whole program. I had this problem when I first got lightburn.
HELP. I have orders to complete

Try this: Hold the Shift key when you run it. Sometimes the info about where to restore the window gets corrupted. If that happens, you can hold the Shift key when you start it to tell it to reset the window to the defaults.

For the text and welding, see here:

it worked and let me open and work on a file then I went to save it and the whole thing closed

I am talking about the program I have not tried the welding yet

this is one of the main reasons I am running on an old version I was scared to death to have the problems again.

What is the file you opened? Is it a LightBurn file, or an AI / SVG / PDF?

If you email the file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com I can take a look quickly.

I opened a light burn file

how do I email it to you. whats your email

If you know what version you were on before, you can just download it from the version archive here:

Email address is: developer at lightburnsoftware dot com

Replace the “at” with @ and “dot” with .

crazy I just looked an you helped me last time. I found this on an old email. so whenever I work on my computer I have to save the file then go in and rename it and add a .rd to the end to make it work. that is what I have been doing for months. should I download this again. this is what you sent me.

I can’t promise this will work, but it might get you through. I’ve altered the app to use a built-in file dialog instead of the standard Windows one, which means it won’t be using the same preview or thumbnail system that Windows does, and that’s usually where crashes happen. I’ve changed Open & Save project, Import, and Save RD to work this way, so if that’s what the issue is, this should get you going until you can get your system sorted out.

that’s what you wrote and that link is what you had sent me

No, that will be an older version.

OOooohhh - If that’s the problem you’re having, do this:

Click Settings:

Turn on “Bypass System Dialogs”:

If you do that, it’s now set for good, and any updates you install with preserve that setting.

sorry I am not that good with computers. I am going to open Lightburn and go into settings and do that correct?

For the RD file, you should just be able to click the “Save RD file” button, and it should add the extension for you:


Yes, that’s correct. The settings button is in the middle of the main toolbar at the top, and looks like two little gears. Click that and it’ll open a big window. Change the one switch I pointed you to, then click the Ok button on the bottom.