How do I get this to fill in when burning?

Sorry if this has already been answered but there was so much to scroll through. So here I go, Hi everyone and TYIA for your help! A and B below were done as separate objects but I wanted to create it as one object as in C but I can’t get it to fill. I know I am missing something simple. Any assistan

ce is so appreciated! !:blue_heart:

It looks like there was some extra lines so I made some changes.

I think this is what you want, probably have to adjust the speed and power for your laser.
Hope this helps :smiley:
Charleston.lbrn2 (118.2 KB)
Just thought I’d add this for a visual.

Wow, thanks so much. Do you mind sharing the steps so I know what I need to do if this happens again. :grinning:

In the pics there are extra lines on the left side as opposed to the one on the right side.(bottom screenshot)

In the cut layers change mode to line. Then ungroup them. Then just delete the extra lines.(top screenshot)

I hope I explained that clearly. The pics do way better than my bad English. :smiley:

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Thank you for being so kind to help with this! This really taught me a few things I thought I knew but will hopefully remember this valuable lesson for the future!

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