How do I make micro editing changes to letters that were changed by tracing and resizing?

I imported a graphic logo and converted it to a vector. It has been resized to fit the desired space, and in these processes, the final effect has some defects. If you zoom in on the word ‘Society’ you will see little bumps on the ‘o’ and the ‘t’, and these also appear in other locations on other letters in the group ‘C00’. These are not present in the original logo, so they have been introduced in Lightburn. I need to erase and then replace the line so these defects are removed. I also need to sharpen up a few of the other lines on the letters. Also, I would like to erase the ‘established 1968’ as it did not convert as expected.

Node Editing mode would work: Read here (and there’s a video tutorial):

Forgot to attach the file…wa7skgplq.lbrn (140.9 KB)

The node tool doesn’t look like it will do that. I was able to get rid of the ‘Established’ line…

Why not? It’s manual editing.

In general, traced text doesn’t look very good unless the source is very high resolution. You’re better off finding the fonts used (or very close) and just re-entering the text, but you can absolutely edit what you have.

Adding to this thinking…

Here is what I see when loading this file into my GRBL profile. I see objects that overlap (red text near center) a stray line segment (blue non-output layer, I highlighted with gold box) and agree with Oz regarding the text elements. I would recreate all text using a best-matching font.


I was able to select objects in this file and use the ‘Edit Nodes’ to refine these shapes as desired.

image image

Thanks, Rick!
I was able to clean the letters up. I don’t know how your copy would turn everything upside down, so that is not a problem here This is my screenshot.

The text looks a lot better now, and I will try to find out what fonts were used before I do the batch for next year so I can replace it. The red ones are native to Lightburn. As to the other artifacts like the lines, they are not showing on my screen or on the burn. I’m printing this on a 10" cutout of the State of Nevada (Birch plywood)

I have my setup in an odd state. I just set my profile to GRBL and reloaded (open) your file. Layout now matches your but there are still 2 line segments on the blue layer near the text. That layer is set to not output so you won’t see it in the ‘Preview’ nor on the finished product. But they are there.

Here is the picture you uploaded with then circled.

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