How do I quieten my air assist


So I have installed an air assist on my 3018 CNC machine for use with the laser.

Best bit… It works… I can now cut with my laser quite successfully.

My question however is that the blowing if the air is making one hell of a racket.

I have a Hailea aco-208 which blows out 35l per minute. This makes a noise obviously but it’s the other end of the airline which makes a racket.

If I squeeze the end of the airline then the noise quietens down but (there’s always a but) I need the airline to be 10mm to fit my air assist adapter which slips over the laser (diode).

Am I just being thick… Is there a solution… Any help appreciated.

My set up:

3018 CNC
3.5w laser diode
Hara aco-208 compressor
1m long air hose which is 10mm inside diameter.

Your air pump is similar to mine, some things that came to mind,

Reduce the airflow at the nozzle, it does not need to be a jet stream. See if you can find an line adjustable restriction. Maybe a plumbing ball valve with the right fittings.

Put a filter on the air intake, this helps quite a bit. I used a foam filter from an RC car.

Check how is mounted, this is more for vibration noise on the laser frame, but even with the rubber feet, I went through a few tries before vibration and vibration noise was acceptable.

A picture may help with ideas.

I solved it guys (woohoo).

I changed the air assist to a metal drinking straw which I feel directs the air better and increases the psi(?) as it’s a smaller outlet.

The noise is now gone (just a hum from the air pump) so I can now sit with the machine. Phew.

Best of all however is the improvement… I managed to cut 4mm ply with my 3.5w laser.


100% power
4 passes

I think I can tweak those numbers too.

For 5mm oak plywood, I tweaked mine to:

  • 1,524 mm / min
  • 90% power
  • 25 PSI of air
  • 1 pass
    :grin: :grin: :grin:

How powerful is your laser?

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