How do I set the origin on the design?hange the

How do I change the origin on my design?

There is actually a couple of 'origin’s around…

In machine settings to tell Lightburn where the ‘origin’ of the machine is, generally the 0, 0 location as @RalphU advised.

When running your job there is another ‘origin’, the ‘job origin’ selection. This determines how your job’s origin is relative to head location. This is only valid for a ‘Start From’ setting other than ‘Absolute Coords’.

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@rick schooled me on something interesting.
He said, “Why informs how.”

If you need to change the origin because you’ve acquired a file built with a different origin you may want to use mirror and rotate to adjust the image for your use and leave the origin where it should be on your machine.

Are you willing to share a screen capture of what you’re working on and tell us more about what goal you have in mind?

Absolutely correct… Didn’t think of that operation.

The image is always mirrored across the bisecting axis.

If origin is back/left it will appear mirrored across the Y axes if the ‘new’ origin is back/right.

If the ‘new’ origin is front/left it will mirror across the X axes.

Same with the machines finished produce…


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