How do I shorten my Y axis?

how do I shorten my Y axis? I added a z axis adjuster and now the laser hits the frame after the job is completes and homes down to the opposite end.

  1. If the Z-axis adjustment blocks your limit switches for homing then relocate your Y limit switch to accommodate the mod
  2. After homing, determine the amount of max Y-travel now available to you by jogging as far as possible without crashing. Use “Get Position” in Move window to determine new Y size.
  3. In Edit->Device Settings enter new Y value
  4. In Edit->Machine Settings change $131 to new Y value (this needs to be done in mm for units)

I suggest you stick to mm the entire time that you do this. You can switch back to whatever other unit after the adjustments are made.

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Looks like I need to reduce to 440mm from 460mm, I can’t find in machine settings where to do that unfortunately.

Look specifically for the item that correlates to $131.

If you can’t find it in Machine Settings then you can just input the value manually in Console:


I found it in console and it works, Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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