How Do I size my image to 15 x 16

I use the Ortur lazer, I am looking to size my image to a 15 x16. I am having difficulties.

Hi, top left of lightburn ‘height/width’ just need to press one and it will adjust both.
If you want to adjust the width or height seperately open the padlock by clicking on it.

When I do that I get a message that states one or more shapes are crossing the edge of the machine work space and will not be sent

15 what? MM / CM / Inches / Feet? What is the physical size of your setup? Where do you have the art located in the workspace? How do you have the Job Origin ‘Start From’ set in the upper-right of the ‘Laser’ window?

The laser needs room to slow down when changing direction without hitting the frame of your system. Move your art away from the sides to provide this required room.

I will give it a shot.

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