How do I test fire and focus

Im new to this and i cant figure out how to test fire my laser so i can see and focus it. Ive looked for videos on it but they only show how to focus not how to test fire.

Its on the move tab

Edit menu -> Device Settings > Enable fire button
Restart lightburn -> Follow JVL post
However i wouldnt set laser at more than 1% (Machine dependent)

After I use my laser for awhile, I have to keep bumping up the fire percentage.
Don’t know why that is.
I’m kinda thinking that something inside may be getting hot.
But it never fires at less than 4%

See mine does show me that option

If you do not see that option, you have not enabled the fire button in the Device Settings window as @OrturTech suggests. Enable and restart LightBurn. You should have the option visible after doing so. Is this not working for you?

start by following otur tech’s directions above.

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