How do I update library load

I organized my files a bit and specifically changed the name, “15 Light Burn” to just “Light Burn” how do I update this in Light Burn so that I don’t get this pop up every time I open the program.


Maybe rename it back so it loads right, then in LB go to Save As in the Library window, and save it as whatever you want the new name to be.

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WooPs! I gave that a try and also tried tracing the file path turns out that im a stone-cold LB newb
and forgot about the super awesome Library feature. I thought that the file name, “Library” was something above my pay grade with code or material.

As shown in the picture the, “Business Card” was saved in the folder with the name change ultimately leading to the warning. 100% rookie mistake on my part.

Thanks for the support!

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