How do you keep the text curved

When you are attaching text to a line or a shape, to cause the text to bend to be able to fit in a specific are, how do you remove object from the text without the text returning back in a straight line? For example: I am wanting to put text in a ribbon which has a little bit of a curve to it. When I remove the object, which I don’t need, the text goes back to the starting format. Thank you.

If you don’t object to a work-around, please consider the following:

Create your curve/curved shape. Apply the path to the text. Deselect the text and change the layer of the path, then change that layer to Output (off) and Show (off)

I don’t know if this might cause complications later in the project, but it’s easy enough to turn the layer visibility back on to determine cause/solution.

Yes, as @fred_dot_u points out, you can move the shape to a different layer. This allows you to be able to edit the text as text.

You have another option as well. Create Text on Path, then select text and choose ‘Convert to Path’. This will convert your text to shapes, no longer editable as text, but no longer bound to the original shape used. You can now delete/remove this original shape object from your project.

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