How I make LB engrave each of these concentric rectangles fully?

As is only the central one gets fully engraved.
Each rectangle has a priority that gets greater with decreasing size.
BTW I notices that the properties box in shape properties was only complete for the 1st/ original box. The others were made using offset tool
Concentric.lbrn (18.9 KB)

I am doing this to test settings for my 3D engrave.

Your ‘Line Interval’ is larger than the spacing between each object. This will not provide a fill as you have not provided enough room.

This link describes how fills work, but you must provide room of the fill to happen.

That means the others are just path objects that happen to be box shaped. :slight_smile:

I realize that, but if they are separate objects with different priorities I was hoping they would engrave independently.

Simple enough. But then you lose the ability to change any properties other than the cut priority.

The offsetting code has no idea what it’s offsetting - everything becomes polygons, then gets the offset applied. There are probably special cases where I could determine, under certain conditions, that the offset could be done trivially, but it’d be tricky.

I missed that “power scale” stayed with the object. The rest makes sense.

As for my above question. I really don’t understand why when concentric shapes are given different priorities, they don’t engrave independently and do a complete engrave of each object.

37 send.lbrn (1.8 MB)
Oz, I would like to re-visit this topic.
I have two different colored layers with different priorities.
If in optimization settings I set Order by Priority and the Order by Group(all layers are in groups too) then why oh why does the layer that is 1st fill in completely when it should not. It doesn’t when it is sent by itself.

I just want them to engrave sequentially but without consideration of the other layer.

I’m not following - can you show a picture of what you mean?

I attached the LBRN file above in previous post

If you select one outside layer you can see what should engrave.
When the second layer is sent with it, the 1st cut, even thought on a different layer with a different priority, is causing the 1st layer to fill in completely. Just killed 6 hours of work as all the inner layers (mountains in the lake) came out flat.

These are the two layers, blue on top, red on bottom. You’re saying you don’t think the blue layer should fill completely? From what I see here, it should completely fill, with the exception of the small little spot in the middle,


Don’t include the Pink layer. Uncheck it as it is an alignment box only. It is in every group.

correct. Do them together and the spot gets filled on the 1st scanned layer when it shouldn’t

BTW thanks for looking at this so soon. I am over 30 hours into this job and now I’m having to go back and do the last 26 layers one at a time instead of 2 or 3 at a time because of the details of previous layers being cut out.

That’s not what I see. If I run the dark blue layer and the burgundy layer after it together in the preview, I see the dark blue engrave vertically with the hole, and the burgundy layer follow it, horizontally, also with the hole.

Partway through the preview, the hole is visible above - do you not see that?

Perhaps it’s my optimization settings?. What are yours set to?

Wait, you don’t have order by layer set, correct? That’s likely why.

It’s complicated, but inside / outside sorting is also used to drive what gets included by other things for filling. If you don’t have order by layer enabled, then all objects are inner/outer sorted together. Since you also have order by priority & order by group, and the priorities are the same, I could do it by those instead, but it’s not currently done that way.

That works. Seems order by priority should be enough. Bummer.
Ok. Thanks. Should I just order by all of the options? priority, group, layer? Is any order important? This isn’t so clear to me.

I was using Layer, then Group, and it seemed to work. Since you’re using layers, is there a reason you also needed manual priority?

Yes. There are 52 layers in this model and the priority label helps me to keep track of what I have cut. I could probably do without but sometimes the outer layer is not obvious. I also save along the way and label the file with the priority number that I have sent out to the laser. Easier to know where I am the next day if I pause the job.