How is Lightburn with Multitasking?

Can I work on another file while one is burning on my machine?

I would love to be making progress on something else during the time the machine is working. So far, I haven’t had a project I’m willing to sacrifice to try it.


Sure can. I don’t know what the limit is but you can have several instances of Lightburn open.

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James, The answer is “YES YOU CAN”. I am running two lasers at the same time doing different jobs with my L.B. First open your L.B., go ahead get your project started, if you want. Now- shrink your L.B. window down to half size.( the button in the top right of your screen) Now go to your L.B. icon and right click so that a window pops up. One of the choices is L.B. now click on LB again and a new LB window will open up. now your good to go, do what ever you want on either LB window at any time you want. Have fun. !!! Randy

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