How low can I go?

Pretty low, actually.

I tend to push the limits with “things”; find out how far I can go before it breaks/explodes, or no longer behaves as expected. I’ve been doing the same thing with the laser… “how much detail can I get/how crisp can I cut”, etc. That then establishes the normal working environment.

100W laser (adjusted to ~28ma at 100%) and I ran the following at 400/500mm/s and between 8 & 15% power.

Toilet paper is apparently like an ogre, and has layers.


@rojhan I love your sense of humor with the emoji you used to test your lasers power on TP.

Good Show

I practice the same.
What I hate about such types of machines which are a mix of digital and analog domains is that you have full control on the digital side of things but very little stability on the Analog side. this means that graphs tends to change, sometimes on a daily basis. I own few FDM 3D printers and I can see the change in printing quality or bed adhesion quality based on room temperature and humidity, filament condition and so on.

i was contemplating with myself whether to advice Oz to add a factor to Lightburn’s material library to compensate for laser tube deterioration but then you would have to take into consideration material condition, room temp and humidity, summer and winter times, and so many other changing factors which will render this feature not helpful or even make things worse.

3mm gear with 1mm shaft on 3mm acrylic. I’m going to play with microstepping and see where the sweet spot is.

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