How set power of the laser?

Gentlemen, can one of you explain to me how I configure Lightburn so that when I select the power of the laser at 100% it is really at 100%.
I’ve searched the forum and I really don’t get it.

I feel like there’s background here that’s not mentioned. What makes you think power isn’t 100%? What problem are you solving for?

I’m not familiar with laseraxe in your profile. What type of controller and laser is this?

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Lightburn doesn’t need to know how powerful your laser is. It tells the controller to generate a pwm control signal that turns the laser off/on resulting in the illusion of power control.

If the machines are configured properly it will do 100% if asked…

@berainlb is probably asking what lead you to that conclusion so he could answer you question more precisely.

Good luck


Open the Console window and type the following:
then hit enter.
there will be a code for $30
$30=255, $30=1000… whatever $30 is equal to, please do post that number in a response here.

Then open Device settings and make sure this box has the same number in it.

If those numbers are the same and if you are calling for 100% power in the Cuts/Layers setting you should be cutting at 100% (Unless you are travelling too fast).

Perhaps you should copy and paste the entire Console report $$ here in the reply. :slight_smile:

John other cuestion…the bar that shows the progress of the cut shows me “busy” and blocks the machine…why ?

the bar that shows the progress of the cut shows me “busy” and blocks the machine…sometimes why ?

I moved your duplicate post here. It is also helpful to confirm solutions presented have resolved this root issue you are seeing prior to moving to another issue.

This is worth review, GRBL errors - LightBurn Software Documentation

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