How spooked should I be about Ebay machines?

Does it have material pass-through from front to back? It looks like it might, but it doesn’t mention it in the description/spec

I have a 60W CO2” Omtech with Ruida, built in air assist, built in exhaust, the fish tank water pump, I forget the name on the glass tube, 20mm lens, two different bed configuration, hinged panels all over the unit, built in amp meter and pass through.
Bought from Amazon for $2495 including shipping and moving it inside my shop.
I will buy a Chiller for it when I make a little money. I have four different air compressors available and two additional exhaust fans including one 16” connected to laser.
I pushed the machine into place using the built in casters, plugged it in hooked everything up and grounded.
Have had zero problems except for my eighty seven year old brain hiccuping sometimes. I have engraved and cut most any type wood I have in my shop. I buy material from a longtime hardwood lumber company, don’t waste money on the trash in local lumber yards.
Haven’t had the need for adjustment.
Would not hesitate to buy the exact same machine again.

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Me too. It has been a work horse now for 3 years. I have only had to replace the laser power supply once and it was done under warranty, Had a replacement in less than 3 days.