How to apply a digital mask to prevent an area to prevent it from being burned

I have a design on which I want to mask off an area to prevent it from being affected at all by the laser. Any Ideas on how to do this? I want to create essentially a digital mask that will prevent this area from getting hit by the laser, but there are several layers of engraving under it in the design.

It depends somewhat on the file and the Art.

LightBurn has a Mask tool.

Putting different features on different layers lets you turn off the things you don’t want to produce.

If you’re willing and interested, you’re welcome to share your project file here. It will help us offer the most direct path to your goal and get you a good start toward what you’re attempting to produce.

I’m pretty new here, but am willing to post the project. Don’t know how to do that though…?

I have actually used metal ducting tape to physically mask off areas. Lightburn can add a masking layer but sometimes it has been quicker to just cut a small piece of metal tape and stick it over the area I want to protect…

If you really want to get your head around “digital masking” then this is very helpful

You can use the computer box / up arrow icon in the top row of the reply box to browse and select your project file. You can also drag and drop the project file into the reply box here.

Your project file should have .lbrn2 as a file extension (after the filename).

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