How to avoid my cables being laser-cut?


I have made a box for my laser, and I need ideas to avoid the cables being laser-cut after a few moves. I have made a few photos of my home setup, and the last one is an idea about how the cable could be under the laser.

Any hint?


I used a relatively rigid yet flexible air hose (for compressed air), it was a good solution for me. Hope you can see in the picture what I’m talking about.

You could put a support at the top.
Keeping the cables wide.
Or put the cable tracks with tracks

I find a temporal fix, hope it works.
Thank you.

Really cheap and fast, use a few elastic bands around the middle of the cables and secure the other end of the elastic bands to to top corner of the box you are using. The pull will be enough only to support the cables, very light…it will, or should not be a drag in the stepper

This is just one of the reasons I like the Fox Alien 4040 LE laser.
You could probably find these cable guides and DIY though.

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