How to burn missing part of image

I started a laser burn on wood and it worked fine. It consisted of a dancer (left) a text (center) and a bee (right). It started with the text, then the bee and unfortunately after engraving the bee’s body, as it was starting with the head, the hex screws came loose on my x axis and it didnt burn the head properly. It just burned a straight line which Im ok with.

I fixed the screws and was able to print the dancer (left) because it sort of guessed the origin which was the top left of my wood piece, and if its off, you cant really tell. But now I want to finish printing the bee’s head onto the already existing bee’s body.

How do I line that up?

Hi March, If you’ve not moved the project you can use ‘preview’.
Select the project then ‘preview’ and adjust the slider until it reaches where it left off.
Select ‘start here’ and in the drop-down ‘sart job on laser form here’.

Hi thanks. Well i hadnt moved it but that would not have worked because what happened was that the stepper adapter came off and the laser head just kept on burning a vertical line. I ended up just guessing it.

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