How to burn Negative image onto Rubber to make a stamp. Version 9.04

(John Wenham) #1

Is there a way to turn an image imported into a negative? I want to burn this image onto rubber to make a stamp. It used to be a setting in the Cut Settings Editor.

(Chris Wright) #2

Don’t know what version your using but it’s there in v9.0.4. Make sure the Mode is set to Fill.

(Chris Wright) #3

OK, just reread what you were asking - I thought you were talking about the Ramp function.

The Negative Image function is available in Image Mode in v9.04.

(John Wenham) #4

I don’t have the negative image you highlighted. here is what i have in version 9.04.

(Hank Morgan) #5

When you say “negative image” I assume you mean you want the pattern uncut and everything around it cut away. Just draw a box the size/shape of your stamp around your image and make sure it’s on the same layer as your image and it will engrave inside the box but not your pattern.

Your image looks symmetrical, but if you have one that isn’t don’t forget to mirror your design! It sucks when you have text and forget to mirror it before cutting. :rolleyes:

(Joe Alexander) #6

change it to image mode versus fill, it should show up then

(Oz) #7

You can’t “change to image mode” - you need an image as the source object in the first place.

(Oz) #8

Your file isn’t an image, it’s vectors. For that, see here: