How to calibrate LightBurn?

Hi, I have a question.
I’m working with LightBurn within my evaluation period.
Today I’ve tried to fix my tool which on I’ve wanted to engrave, on the surface of my ORTUR OLM2 PRO S2 Laser.
But then I’ve saw, that on the LightBurn interface, when I entered the X and Y axis, the actual locations where different from which I’ve wrote. Meaning, when I’ve entered 80 for the X-axis and the Y-axis, the rectangle went to be on the 60 for the X-axis and the same for the Y-axis.
How should I fix this matter? I’ve tried to work with the console orders ($RST=*, $2610=0, $262=750) but nothing helps.
I will appreciate your ASAP answer.

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