How to calibrate the motors

I have finally got my laser up and running today. I purchased lightburn and the 3d Cohesion board for a chinese 80 watt blue and white laser. (replaced a 2MNano)
I ran a test burn board which I made from your tutorial, and it seemed to work fine. However, I then tried something just for fun.
as you can see (if the pic shows up, first time posting a pic) the X axis lost steps in both directions. That was done at 10"/sec. I tried several more times which different speeds, as slow as 6"/sec and as fast as 12"/sec, and it always lost steps.
So, my question is how do I set the speed and acceleration in Lightburn. I have two CNC’s that I run with Mach3, and it is very easy to do in that program. I am hoping it is just as easy in this one.


Edit: nope pic didn’t work, not sure how to post one

It depends on whether you’re running Smoothieware or GRBL. Smoothie settings are stored in a text file on the SD card that you can edit with anything. GRBL settings are accessed either through the console, or Edit -> Machine Settings in LightBurn.

This topic might help - it covers some of the Smoothie config near the bottom:

It’s worth noting that Mach3 is the equivalent of your board, not LightBurn - It parses the GCode, computes the motion path, and produces the step & direction signals that drive the motors, but it doesn’t generate the GCode. LightBurn would be closer to VCarve or whatever cam software you used to produce the GCode in the first place.

Although i bought the GRBL I have not hooked it up. I will read the link you sent once i’m done writing here, thank-you.
While I understand that Lightburn is the drawing program for the laser, i also thought it produced the step and direction for the laser, like Mach3, and the 3D Cohesion board it like my Gecko board that takes thew commands and runs the motors etc, (for the record I have Aspire for the drawing program) as I am using Lightburn to send the run command to the 3D board.
If this is all wrong, could you please explain how this system works.


I should have added that just using the “position Laser” button make the motors stall out.

I will try those setting tomorrow when i get back to the shop. Thanks again.

LightBurn generates the GCode, and streams it to the controller. The controller itself is what converts the GCode into step and direction signals, fires the laser, and so on. The C3D board is basically a combination of Mach3 (GCode parsing and motion planning) and the Gecko (motor drivers).

Thanks Oz,

I will try this out right after breakfast