How to center shapes one on top of the other

Hi all, a question for just getting started. If I make a square and then a circle on the side of it, what are the key strokes to grab the center handle of the circle (or any other object) after selecting it and then dragging and snapping it to the center of square? I would like to just take one object and CENTER it on top of another object. Thanks Oz and Rick J.


You can hover over the center of a shape, then grab and drag until you get it to snap to the center of the other shape. Creation Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

You can also,

Rick, thank you so much for your fast reply. I couldn’t find the bulls eye target icon, but
finally did under the arrange in window tab and it worked perfect. Thanks again for your

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In the ‘Window’ menu, make sure either ‘Arrange’ or ‘Arrange (long)’ are checked - those are different versions of the arrangement tools, and both contain that bulls-eye icon.

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