How to change the cut position on my AtomStack when printinig from SD?

I have an AtomStack P9 cutter which is fairly small… And don’t have a PC close, so am currently using a trial of Lightburn and saving GCODE files on MicroSD cards…

When I cut, its always comes out in a difficult place… But after watching some videos it seems that you can move the laser ‘manually’… Press the “position” button and then it will cut from here… But its not working as the cut still goes into one corner.

I have seen a lot of talk about ABSOLUTE, CURRENT and USER Origins, but I can’t work out if this will help me in my setup (with SD cards) as all of these settings seem to be under the “laser” tab which I am not using.

What is forcing my cutter into the corner? Is the LightBurn GCODE telling it to go there? Or is the cutter doing this?

Is there a way to allow me to use the “position” feature on my AtomStack to position the cut exactly where I want it?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t speak to the operation of your particular laser but I can say with certainty that these various Start From modes will directly affect the generated g-code. It’s likely that “Current Position” would make trying to relocate the burn the most straightforward. The other modes would require that the controller apply some sort of transformation to reposition things which I’m going to guess it’s not doing.

However, if the machine has the ability to rotate or scale the job it’s possible it could work this way. I’d just be surprised if it did offer something like this.

I can’t even work out how to set the “current position” option… From the videos I have seen, its from the LASER tab where you directly control the laser, but I don’t have this option as I am writing to SD.

Edit: Just realised I can still enable the “laser” tab and I can see the start from options… I will do some tests.

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